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Latrisha Anderson, MSM, The VISIONful Entrepreneur

Latrisha Anderson is @The_VISIONful_Entrepreneur. She is the Founder/Co-Founder (with her husband) of 5 businesses (including a non profit) under the VISIONful Inc. Umbrella. Latrisha has taught over 250 "Dreaming Entrepreneurs" from across the nation on launching successful businesses and non-profits and is the Founder and Developer of the eConsultMe app. Latrisha has formally launched over 50 of their new startups- where 98% were founded by minorities, young professionals, and women. 

"If you have long been a Dreaming Entrepreneur it's time for my team and I to show you what it means to be a VISIONful Entrepreneur and actually achieve and fulfill your vision!"   -Latrisha Anderson

As an 8 Figure grant writer, Latrisha has secured $29 Million + in grant funding for organizations served. Being passionate and committed to the equal distribution of wealth, Latrisha advocates for, supports, and funds marginalized business leaders by providing them with access to startup funds, grant funding, and other unique business resources. 

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The VISIONful Entrepreneur E-book

The VISIONful Entrepreneur E-book


 In the last few months, Latrisha Anderson has got over $1,000,000 for new and current entrepreneurs. In this e-Book, she shares how "Dreaming" and new entrepreneurs can become VISIONful Entrepreneurs who fulfill the vision. This e-book will walk you through the steps to fulfill your entrepreneurial vision/dream.

This book is for you if:

  1. You are a new/rising entrepreneur
  2. You are reentering entrepreneurship
  3. You are a person of “big” vision
  4. You feel there is more to life
  5. You are frustrated with your 9-5
  6. You want to create an alternative stream of income
  7. You want greater flexibility/balance
  8. You are bored or unchallenged
  9. You just want to enjoy life and focus on your passion and purpose
  10. You are ready to move out of your comfort zone



Check out what other VISIONful Entrepreneurs have to say!

Bridget Bailey

Bridget Bailey Dance Company

VISIONful helped me launch my business while keeping me on track with meeting goals and providing meaningful assistance with business planning and business filings. They also connected me to over $30,000 in funding! 

Edward and Dr. Lovie Negrin

ELN Development Group

VISIONful assisted us in our launch in 2018, where we have grown from home remodelers to a real estate investment group. Their team handled our funding applications and prepped us for interviews. In 2020, we landed our first investment deal of $155,000 and the Beyonce/NAACP grant of $10,000. We have been able to endure the pandemic with their help!

Veronica Squires

The Good Samaritan Health Center

At a time when so many organizations have struggled financially, your grant writing skills have led us to not only meeting but exceeding goals-Thank you! Not only that, but you are a delight to work with. Many women do wonderful things, but you surpass them all!

Sharlene Little

Little By Little Foundation

My experience with VISIONful Solutions was more than I could ask for. As a new nonprofit, VISIONful walked us through the registration and incorporation process. It was seamless and we received our designation in record time. I will recommend VISIONful to any new business needing their services.

Susan Whatley

Urban Health and Wellness

Visionful Solutions has provided wonderful assistance to us. We partnered with them when we were a young, small organization and Latrisha helped us develop our story. We then located grants our clinic could apply to. This increased our sustainability and expansion. She was professional and communicated well, while effectively manage grants.

Kevin Steverson

Starline Preparatory Center

Starline Preparatory Center is a new start up that used VISIONful to jump start the program. Their service boosted us by providing a template for a business outline and on call recommendations. VISIONful filed the LLC with the state of Georgia. Much of the progress today is thanks to this service! We are happy to work and will continue to grow from their support.

Ebonne Bowens


When I think of VISIONful, I think of Family. HeartCo_Treats, is just one of my passions. Latrisha helped me to develop my brand that turned my ideas into a vision. Not only did she apply for my LLC, she gave me feedback and advice that helped expand my business. I could not have made it this far without them! If you are seeking entrepreneurial, insight, VISIONful is the place for you!

Kevin Coleman

Versatile Palette

VISIONful Solutions gave me a platform that helped me reach my goal as an independent graphic artist. They provided a level of professionalism and guidance that superseded my expectation. During the process Latrisha assisted me in applying for my LLC, which allowed me to be the proud owner of Versatile Palette.

Nicole W.


Working with VISIONful has been amazing! They are always professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with. I was able to get my LLC off the ground with the tools and resources VISIONful provides. If you are in need of direction, advice, or assistance in any way, reach out to them. They will definitely steer you in the right direction!

Schelle Purcell

On Your Feet GA

When I met Latrisha, she listened. She took my vision and enhanced it! She communicated a step by step plan of action and provided a calendar of accountability to keep me on track to reach my short term and long term goals for my business.  If you are not consulting, hiring, planning and plotting your vision with Latrisha Anderson and VISIONful Solutions...I don't know what's wrong with you! Lol.  

Ingrid Thompson

Nehemiah Project CDC

For over 6 years, Visionful has been a tremendous blessing for our organizations.  Because of them we got our first grant from Wells Fargo! The consulting, budgeting, strategic planning, and grant writing aided the success of our organization. They are still our "go to" source for obtaining solutions to our most complex challenges over the years!  What we appreciate most is Latrisha's integrity and commitment to excellence.

James Riles

ATL Drum Academy

To have a vision and to be connected with someone who can help bring your vision to life is a wonderful feeling . That’s what VISIONful was for our business. They were very professional and very prompt. Why do business anywhere else when the vision is right here?

We have worked with.....

We have worked with.....
We have worked with.....
We have worked with.....
We have worked with.....
We have worked with.....

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Even if you are more of a self-starter, we have resources just for you!

Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Start-up Resources

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Do-It-Yourself Nonprofit Launch Guide

Do-It-Yourself Nonprofit Launch Guide


If you are a self-starter or if you would rather take the steps to launch your non-profit organization yourself. then this DIY nonprofit Launch guide is a game-changer as it navigates you through the steps of launching the non-profit.

This guide:

1. Takes you step-by-step in launching your new 501(c)(3)

2. Provides the necessary links and information to do so.

3. We simplify the process for rising non-profit leaders!

Don't be blindsided on your journey and don't try to search the internet because you will miss critical steps.

-Move at your own pace!

-Learn the process as you go!

What's Included?

This guide:

1. Takes you step-by-step in launching your new 501(c)(3)

2. Provides the necessary links and information to do so.

3. We simplify the process for rising non-profit leaders!

You Need This Tool!

Don't be blindsided on your journey and don't try to search the internet because you will miss critical steps.


-Move at your own pace!

-Learn the process as you go!

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